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Never again will you be ripped off on college textbooks.  With, you have the tools you need to find cheap textbooks.  You can instantly compare textbook prices at dozens of reputable bookstores, compare buyback prices for dozens of book buyers, or buy and sell textbooks in our student marketplace.  Best of all, is 100% free. More >

Compare Textbook Prices

Our textbook price comparison tool allows you to find the cheapest price for used textbooks within a matter of seconds.  Simply search for the required textbooks for your classes, and the tool will pull back the prices from each bookstore.  Using this tool to find cheap textbooks, students have reported saving as much as $600 per semester vs. buying books at the local bookstore.  You can also rent textbooks to maximize your savings.  Textbook rental stores will automatically be included in your search.

Compare Buyback Prices

At the end of the semester, bookstores typically pay pennies on the dollar for used textbooks compared to the original price of the book.  However, with the buyback comparison tool, bookstores have to compete to buyback your textbooks.  You can instantly determine the best offer for textbooks, which is a welcome cash bonus prior to the holidays or summer break.

Student Marketplace

Don’t have time to wait on books to be shipped?  Don’t want to go through the effort of boxing up your books?  No problem.  With the student marketplace, you can buy and sell your used textbooks locally.  Simply meet the other student on your way to class or lunch, and make the swap.  You’ll have more money in your pocket when you sell your books, and less money out of pocket when you buy books.  It’s simply a win-win.

While we were at it, we decided we’d allow you to list much more than just used textbooks.  You can list housing, subleases/leases, football/other tickets, furniture, and much more.  For maximum item exposure, we also allow you to list items to run nationwide.  Additionally, items posted on will also run on,, and  If it can be sold, it will sell on

Still want to know more about the student marketplace? Check out how it works.

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Items posted on CollegeSwapShop will also run on Google Products and

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