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How It Works

The Problem

Ok, so you bought a book for 150 bucks at the beginning of the semester.  You take this book back to the local bookstore, and they offer you a whopping 15 bucks for it (a very common scenario that we can all vouch for).

The Solution

Now, you decide you want a little more back for this "investment" that you made at the beginning of the here you are, at  After you have selected a school and registered, you post your book for sale, asking 70 bucks.

Because you usually want to sell your books at the end of the semester, and buyers want to buy books at the beginning of the semester, you will probably have to wait a few weeks before your book sells.  This is no problem, because the item duration on is 120 days.

The $$$

So, Sammy Student is taking the same class next semester. He also goes to because he knows the bookstore is asking 120 bucks for the same book.  He performs a simple search and easily finds your book.

At this point, Sammy has a couple of choices.  He can choose to purchase the book from you for 70 dollars, in which case you would be notified by email and text message of your sale.  You would get Sammy's contact info in the email, and Sammy would get an email with your contact info.  So you call Sammy, make arrangements for him to pick up the book, and boom, you are 70 dollars richer.

Or, Sammy sees your book, but he decides that 70 bucks is a bit steep.  Sammy has the choice now to make you an offer, say 60 bucks.  You will receive an email and a text message notifying you of Sammy's offer.

If you choose to accept this offer, you will get an email with Sammy's contact info, and vice versa.  If you decide that 70 bucks isn't enough, you can decline this offer.  Sammy will be notified that you have declined his offer, and will have an opportunity to make another offer.

Keep in mind that is not limited to textbooks.  You can swap pretty much anything, including:

  • Tickets
  • Look for a Roommate/Housing
  • Apparel
  • Much, much more

So, that's how it works in a nutshell.  The process is the same for all other item types, not just books.  If you still have questions, you may contact us.

Thank you for using!

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