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Selling Tips

Your goal in posting an item is obviously to maximize your item's exposure to potential buyers.  If you follow the tips on this page, you can make it easier for the buyer to find your item, which will increase the odds that your item will sell.

Here are a few general tips for posting an item on

  • Think like the buyer.  If you were looking for an item, what would you search for?
  • Include all word variations.  Buyers may search for specific abbreviations, so make sure to include them in your posting.  You may even want to include the singular and plural spellings of key words.
  • Use your item notes.  Remember that the first few words of your item notes will be included in buyer searches.  Use this to your advantage.

For item-specific tips, use the links below:

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Item Specifics


When selling a book, make sure you enter all relevant information.  Do not omit any words, especially in the Title and Author(s) fields.  Include "A", "An", or "The" if they are present in the title.  Also include all authors names, including middle names and/or middle initials.  You may also want to include all cross-references for the class in the item notes.

Also, keep in mind that the majority of textbook buyers will be looking for books at the beginning of the semester.  You can post your item in the middle of the semester, but be patient.  It may not be viewed until the following semester.

Finally, be honest.  If your textbook is an edition that isn't being used in future semesters, let the buyer know up front in your description.  Otherwise, you are going to be wasting the time of both you and the buyer.  If you don't know if the book is being used next semester, do your research.  The more info that you provide the buyer, the more comfortable they will feel in purchasing your item.

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When you post tickets or sportspasses, it is imperative that you include abbreviations in your title because of the many different phrases that a buyer could search for.  For example, a buyer could search for "Texas A&M vs. Texas" or "TAMU vs. U.T."  So, an ideal title would be "Texas A&M Aggies (TAMU) vs. Texas Longhorns (U.T., t.u.)"  This title would catch most combinations that a buyer could use in a search.  Also, be sure to indicate seat number in the item notes if you are selling multiple tickets.

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Housing (Leases/Subleases)

When you are posting housing arragements (such as leases, subleases, roommates wanted, etc.), be as descriptive as possible in the description field.  Also, make sure that you fill out the remaining fields as completely and as accurately as possible.  Potential occupants will not look at your posting if it does not meet their specific needs.

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Other Items

For any other type of item, make sure that you are as descriptive as possible in the item title.  A buyer will only click on your item if the title contains information relevant to their needs.

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