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Item Specific Search Tips


When searching for used textbooks, you may enter the book's Title, Author(s), ISBN, or course name.  The most effective way to search is by ISBN.

If you prefer searching by textbook title, leave out common words like "a", "an", or "the". For example, if you are searching for Finite Mathematics and Calculus With Applications, your search may look like "Finite Mathematics Calculus".

When searching textbooks by author, keep in mind that the seller may not have entered first name or middle initials of the author(s).  Also, if the textbook that you are searching for has multiple authors, be sure to only include the first author.  The seller may not have entered more than one author on the listing.

If you decide to search by course name or subject, make sure that you do not use abbreviations.  For example, search for "Accounting", not ACCT.  You may also browse used textbooks by subject here.

Housing (including leases/subleases and roommates)

The best way to search for housing, leases, subleases, or roommates is to simply browse the listings within your college or university.  Click here to browse housing listings.  Also, make sure that you have selected your college or university so that your results are restricted to your school.


The best way to search for tickets is also to browse the listings within your college or university.  Click here to browse football tickets, basketball tickets, baseball tickets, or other tickets within your college. 

Other Items

For any other item type, think like the seller.  If you were going to list the item, what would you enter?  Like housing and ticket listings, it may be best to browse all other item categories using the "Browse Categories" section on the left side of this page.

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