About CollegeSwapShop

As former students, we know what would make college life easier. Being able to buy and sell items locally would save us and our fellow students time and money.

Thus, we developed CollegeSwapShop.com in an effort to provide students with a simple system of swapping all sorts of items from tickets to textbooks.

Why Use CollegeSwapShop.com?

CollegeSwapShop.com is a simple way to:

  • Buy Cheaper, Sell for More - Simple concept, yes, but with CollegeSwapShop.com, sellers make more money than they would if they sold their textbooks back at the local bookstore. Buyers can buy these same books for much less than the used bookstore price. This process eliminates the price fixing that goes on at local bookstores.
  • Connect Buyers and Sellers - We have all seen the fliers across campus in a vain attempt to reach another student that needs the same book, ticket, housing arrangements, etc. CollegeSwapShop.com provides a central location for posting and buying books, facilitating effortless transactions.
  • Get Instant Gratification - Ok, so you decide to try and save a buck or two by buying your books at some other online bookstore. Chances are, your book will be shipped media mail, which can take 10-14 days. If you get lucky enough to not have a test during that time frame, you're going to be way behind by the time you get your book. Or...you could go to the bookstore, stand in line for an hour, and buy overpriced books. CollegeSwapShop.com connects buyers and sellers on a local level, so you get your books fast and you get them cheap.

All things being said, we are here to save you money...money that you can use for bigger and better things. So help us to get CollegeSwapShop.com off they ground by selling your items and telling your friends. In return, we guarantee that we will save you money.

Thanks for using CollegeSwapShop.com!

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