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Epistemology Title
Feldman, Richard Author
9780133416459 ISBN-13
0133416453 ISBN-10
English Language
Pearson Publisher
5.95 x 0.65 x 8.95 inches Dimensions

Sophisticated yet accessible and easy to read, this introduction to contemporary philosophical questions about knowledge and rationality goes beyond the usual bland survey of the major current views to show that there is argument involved. Throughout, the author provides a fair and balanced blending of the standard positions on epistemology with his own carefully reasoned positions or stances into the analysis of each concept. Epistemological Questions. The Traditional Analysis of Knowledge. Modifying the Traditional Analysis of Knowledge. Evidentialist Theories of Justification. Non-evidentialist Theories of Knowledge and Justification. Skepticism. Epistemology and Science. Relativism. For anyone interested in the philosophy of knowledge and rationality.